Haniotis Vineyards

At an altittude of 250 meters, at the foot of mount Kallidromos, above Elateia Lokridos and under the shade of mount Parnassus, Constatine Haniotis and his family have been cultivating their vineyards organically since 1983, with patience, affection, and respect to nature.

The grapes are vinified on the estate with an annual production of 10,000 bottles since 1990.

Since 1995 the estate has been under the approval of DIO for its thoroughness of organic cultivation.

Haniotis wines are found in specialized biological food stores all over Greece or can be ordered by phone: 0234-31637 and 01-2618805 C.N. Haniotis.


"Within each bottle we enclose our grapes - earth, air, water, and light - without adding or stripping away characteristics."